Chocolate, soda, and bossa

A bar of snickers, coke in a fancy glass,
and a little bit of bossa.
Those are just what I need; while watching 
the turtle-slow sunset.

Winter is finally over, though the stubborn blocks of snow 
are still visible,
As if it has a mind of its own
Trying to survive
Even if they know their time has come

It reminds me of my own restless heart
Struggling to revive memories that should be left
buried in the ground.  

I look back at my window to see the bald soil
Slowly revealing tiny buds of greens.
The birds come in the morning, flocking in browns, yellows,
and whites
But now is the sunset, the tweets will come later.

I eagerly open the chocolate bar, as I listen to
the sound of the noisy plastic wrap
Though it may sound like noise; I'd say it's my kind
of relaxing noise.

Then the jazz music blends in, slightly shutting my eyes. 
The horizon changes from orange, to red, to sky blue.
Then deep blue.
Soon the sun is gone, and all that's left before my eyes
is the big, lonely, ice-capped mountain
Not for long, it'll morph into silhouette---
so should those memories of him.
It's time to let go.

Winter is over, the youth of spring is here.
It's a new season, indeed. The storms are gone. 
For now, I enjoy my time with my chocolate, cola, and bossa.
Tomorrow will be the sunrise,
and I shall start my new beginning.